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Chinese Anecdote : Go South by Driving a Chariot North

Once there was a fellow walking along the road when he saw a friend flying down toward him on the back of a chariot. "Where are you off to ?" he called.

"To the Chu Kingdom," came the reply.

"But the Chu Kingdom is to the south and you're heading north," he said. His friend smiled confidently, "No problems, my horse is very fast."

"But if you're on the wrong road, it doesn't matter how fast your horse is !"

His friend smiled and replied, "No worries, I have a lot of money-lots !"

"If the road is wrong what use is money ?"

"Well then my driver is exceptionally good." The fellow smiled through gritted teeth.

You must always check your direction otherwise all your efforts will still be in vane, and you will never reach your destinations.

A full day of activities or a full schedule doesn't guarantee that you are already going towards your goals. Lots of resources that are used don't guarantee that you are going to succeed, they can be a lot waste of energy.

Zhongguo Gudai Yuyan Gushi

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