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Chinese Anecdote : Try to Help The Shoots Grow

In the Song Kingdom there once was a farmer, who was an impatient man. After he'd sowed seedlings he ran back to check their growth four times a day. A few days had passed and still the seedlings had not sprouted.

One day he went to the paddy field depressed and hanging his head. Grabbing the seedlings he methodically pulled them up row by row. That night he said to his family,

"Today almost killed me ! I worked the field all day and I am exhausted. I can't even straighten my back. But all in all the effort wasn't in vain, all the seedlings have grown."

His son thought this to be strange and ran to the field to look the next day. What he saw were rows of seedlings uprooted and all were withered and dead.

When we do anything we must be careful not to spoil things with excessive enthusiasm. It's good to have passion on things that we do, but we must always remember to do things appropriately. There are 3 types of growers:
  • Natural Growers. They do their parts accordingly and let the Nature do its part. They patiently wait and watch their investment grow. They try not to interfere with the Nature since they know they can have unexpected results if they try to do so.
  • Stimulus Growers. They are like Natural Grower but they push their parts a little bit more by trying to give some appropriate stimuli such as fertilizer. But they also don't interfere with the way of the Nature.
  • Hasty Growers. They simply cannot wait, they do things in hurry. They try to break the law of Nature and we know the results they fail.
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Zhongguo Gudai Yuyan Gushi

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