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Chinese Tale : A Notch on the Side of A Moving Boat

In ancient times, people used to be ferried from one bank of the river to the other. The river's wind was always very strong, so the boat constantly rocked and swayed. One day a man carrying a sword got into the boat. Halfway across the river, because of a violent gust of wind, he dropped the sword into the river. The boat immediately stopped and everyone urged him to quickly drop in and get it.

The fellow smiled knowing. He carved a little mark into the side of the boat and then, pointing to the notch said, "This is where my sword dropped in. When we have reached the other bank, I'll retrieve it." The boat quickly reached the other bank and docked. He then stripped off his clothes and using the notch on the boat, plunged into the water with a splash. Everyone yelled.

"What are you doing ?" "Finding my sword," he replied, as he ducked back under the water.

Well, did he find the sword?

You must not cling to set patterns and habits. Just like a boat keeps moving so does life. At one time a particular method works or a particular pattern can be used to predict things accurately but they don't guarantee that tomorrow they will also work or predict accurately.

Zhongguo Gudai Yuyan Gushi

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