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Chinese Tale : False Orchestra Player

During the Warring-states Period, the Qi Kingdom had a king who was particularly fond of listening to orchestras. His favorite performance were those of hundreds of musicians playing in symphony, so he sent his servants to find 300 musicians and to organize them into an orchestra. There was one fellow called Nanguo, who actually couldn't play the instrument, accepted the offer.

So everyday he performed for the king with the hundreds of musicians, pretending to play, imitating exactly and seeming to play expertly. For a longtime no one else realized. Afterwards this king passed away, and his son succeeded him. His son also liked to listen to music, but he didn't like the listening to the cacophony of a 300 strong orchestra, rather he liked listening to them play individually in succession. Nanguo when he heard of this news knew he could no longer pass himself off as a musician and stole away never to be seen again the palace.

Around you, you may have people like Nanguo, who in reality have no skill but in the numbers can pass themselves off. You should be careful to detect them and be aware of their true strengths.

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Zhongguo Gudai Yuyan Gushi

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