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Chinese Anecdote : The Clam, Sandpiper And Fisherman

The sandpiper is a type of bird that lives by the water. He loves eating small fish and insects. One day a sandpiper was next to the water searching for his next meal, when he spied a river clam spread open sunning himself. The sandpiper looked hungrily at the clam's soft white flesh, and suddenly pounced on the clam poking his beak in. Immediately the clam clamped shut, hard on the sandpiper's beak and trapped him.

The sandpiper struggled, still wanting to eat that soft juicy clam but unable to move. Then to the clam he mumbled, "If you always clamp me like this what good is done ? If it doesn't rain today, tomorrow or the next day, will you be able to survive ?" The clam in reply said, "If I don't let you go today tomorrow or the next day what are the chances of finding a live sandpiper ?" So both sides remained in this way.

Later a fisherman happened to come along, without the slightest effort he grabbed them both and left. In the end both the sandpiper and the clam found their way onto his dining table.

People sometimes argue with each other endlessly over a small issue. But the result often is a mutual loss whilst benefiting a third party.

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