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Chinese Story : Practice Makes Perfect

In ancient times, there was a famous general. He shot arrows with such accuracy that at the time no one was able to better him. He himself believed that he was fabulous. One day he was at the archery field during a demonstration. When he shot the gallery would from time to time erupt into applause, but looking around he discovered that two old people selling oil to the people next to the fields were not clapping.

Only with a slight nod of their heads did they acknowledge his shots. Unhappily he walked up to the old couple and asked, "It seems you understand archery, what do you think about my archer ?" The old people answered, "We don't understand archery, we only watch." Infuriated the general asked, "If you don't understand archery, why don't you applaud ?" The old man slowly answered, "It's because of the oil that I sell."

He produced a bottle and placed it on the ground, then placing a copper coin on the mouth of the bottle, and using a spoon poured the oil into the bottle through the tiny hole in the coin. He spilled not a drop and all the people around couldn't help but applaud, and the old man modestly said, "Actually it is only practice."

Many times we are amazed by how skillful someone in doing his/her performance, work and productivity. But what we don't realize is that it takes lots of time, learning experiences, failures, and struggles to produce such maximum performance.

And when we achieve such level we shouldn't be boastful and live in pride. Since we realize that almost anyone can do what we do if they would go through what we have been through.

Chinese tales are fun to read, they provide self-improvement and contemplative stories. Find out more in the 3 links I recommend:

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