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Chinese Story : Plug One's Ears Whilst Stealing a Bell

A long time ago there was a thief. Oneday as he was strolling along he passed a door with a beautiful doornocker, hanging. Naturally he wished to steal it. At night time he quietly tiptoed to the front door and was about to pluck the ornament when he suddenly thought,

"No ! If I grasp it, the bell will ring and others will be alerted, what should I do ? That's it, I'll block my ears so I won't hear the sound." He then proceeded to block his ears and grab the doornocker.

He still hadn't dislodged it when the ringing roused the people whose home it was. They grabbed the thief and tied him up.

Some people make decisions without being objective but rather by assuming that everyone else is the same as them. Some people make decisions by considering their own perspectives, that's why they don't see other possibilities that could happen.
Zhongguo Gudai Yuyan Gushi

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